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JJC Fedora


I have decided to be more active in the open source community and be an active contributor of FOSS. I have been procrastinating this for a very long time, I was initially inspired  by the creator of Ubuntu Mark Shuttleworth, he was an active Debian Developer and later moved on to create Ubuntu one of the most popular linux OS based on Debian.

Recently I joined none other than the FedoraProject my distro of choice, I have used all the main Redhat family( Redhat, Centos and Fedora) Fedora is my last stop and best bet for freedom so far.

A popular saying in my country Johnny Just Come(JJC) for now am Johnny at Fedoraproject,  JJC simply means a newcomer, you can check my wiki profile.

I am currently a  approved member of the QA group and yet to be approved  in the Ambassadors group which am looking forward to.

If you want to join fedoraproject click the link  or send me an email to faskinss AT gmail dot com for any info.


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